Wednesday, October 1, 2008

!Home Sweet Home!

We've been home a whole week today and I finally feel back. Tony and I have scrubbed and sterilized the kitchen/pantry, and I've gotten a little cleaning done on the second floor. Basically it's as though we just moved in. Everything is still in boxes, etc.

We also had to buy and install a new stove in the apartment kitchen because the production company dropped the old one and broke the electronic ignition in it, along with the bottom back step of the back porch - which they replaced. But I couldn't prove they broke the stove so we were out $400.00... ouch! They also had to replace a mattress for one of the beds in the guest bedroom. I'm just glad to be home.

Miguel and Greg took such good care of us at their home, it was truly amazing. I only cooked twice in the whole five weeks we were there. I have really learned to appreciate our home and our comforts from this experience, and to never, never trust a production company when the people say they will take excellent care of our home.

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