Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Heat

I was afraid to mention the heat wave for the last few days - bad luck you know! Tonight it has cooled of considerably and I'm at my computer enjoying the cool breeze from outdoors. Today was the Sabbath so went to church. Accompanied Ginger while she sang, "What Would I Do". My playing sucked (as usual), but she was a good sport and got through it just fine. It always makes me nervous when Aaron is sitting behind me while I play, so I was worse than usual. Argghhhh. . . ! Melissa Marquis taught the RS lesson today and it was a very good lesson about 'saving the one'. She inspired me to try a little harder in bringing folks back into the ward by Visiting Teaching as well as other methods. I will try. Going to Dr. Molthen tomorrow - Yay! I so need an adjustment. Also, Tony will be leaving for the rest of the week on Tuesday to go to Stake Girls' Camp. I will be lonely for him.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Three Fun Days!

Had so much fun yesterday. After Tony got home from work we drove up to Lancaster to have dinner with Mona, Ewa and Elias. Mona made a fantastic supper of white rice, fried rice and chicken/cream chesse filled wonton, pineapple and her special wonton dipping sauce (so delish!). For dessert she had made lemon curd squares - so tart and good. Then we packed up and brought them back to L.A. to stay for a couple of days while Dan is away with his Scout Group on a camp-out. We're taking them back Wednessday night. Today we'll wing-it and decide what we want to do. Anyway Mona is sleeping in, so is Ewa. Naturally Elias is sitting in my chair playing PS3 video games. He was probably doing that since 6 AM, before Tony left for work. Ha! It's so nice to hear the children's voices in the house. This home was built for children and a large family. We're going to relish the time we have them here this week. It's so good to see my grand babies and their Mom. The missionaries are coming to supper tonight, so I need to get a menu ready. Love having them over.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Quick Week, Faster Weekend!

Here it is late Saturday afternoon and I'm waiting for Linda to finish dinner. She's making a birthday dinner for Tony. Tony is 60 today! Yay! Now I'm no longer alone - in my sixties! Ha! Dan, Ramona and Zack came down and stayed overnight last night because Zack had a soccer game at The Home Depot Center early this morning. Ramona brought a lovely dessert for a pre-birthday present for her Dad. I made barbecued ribs and macaroni salad for supper. We had a great time. Everyone but myself were in bed before 11 PM. Today Tony cleaned out the kitchen/dining room area in the downstairs apartment. He also took the blinds outside and steam cleaned them, they were very dirty. He also steam cleaned the pot rack over the stove in the apartment too. He knocked off about 3:30 PM, said he was tired - do ya' think? I wrapped his present. Had to make my own wrapping paper so I did it with brown service paper and patriotic stamps all over it, since Tony's birthday is also 'Flag Day'. It turned out nicely. Then I wrapped his presents and am ready. Oh, I also ironed a white shirt for him for tomorrow (Sunday). Kirk worked on the front lawn all day. He was trimming up the edges around the grass in the yard and out along the sidewalk. It always looks so much neater afterward. I'm playing the organ for Sacrament tomorrow, so I need to hit the piano for awhile tonight. Then it starts all over again tomorrow for Father's Day.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So tired of financial woes. This month is already a reminder to me that everything in life breaks. Tony is having trouble with his work car and I just don't want to shell-out the money to have it fixed. So instead we re-insured the Mustang, the worst car to have right now, with the price of gas! I knew these times were coming, but it's still all a surprise to me. Gotta' knuckle down now, no more playing around from now on. Back to tight budgeting again and using our year round Disneyland tickets! That'll be all the fun that is allowed. Still great fun though! I still love Disneyland. Pam was the first person to take me to Disneyland and I've never stopped. I had hoped that in our retirement we could travel some and take some of the grandkids with us each time. Still hoping, not sure we can do it though.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sabbath Day

I had quite a day today and I am very tired tonight, yet I don't want to go to sleep. I created and printed out - baby shower invites for the Wilshire Ward Relief Society, a lesson booklet for the Gospel Doctrine class in Adams Ward, I taught the class today, I also printed out scripture reminders for the Adams Ward Relief Society because I taught the class today, and I played the organ for Sacrament Service in Adams Ward too. Oh, and I created and printed out four (12 in all) more page covers for the LA Stake Pioneer Trek for Tony. I also am responsible for deciding on matching personal names for all our youth trekkers, and I need to have this done by this week. Well, I'm going to close this because I need to get up early tomorrow because Sister Sandra Barret (our Bishop's wife) is coming over to use my sewing machine to edge a quilt she is making for one of her sons who lives in Alaska. I've had more than a full day today.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Feeling Better

Yes, I feel a little better, but not quite. I didn't go to Dr. Molthen today. I just couldn't drive that far. My stomach still doesn't feel okay. I'm expecting to feel better this weekend, I'm going to be very busy this Sunday again. Tony's birthday is pretty soon (the 14th), so the kids and I need to get a party goin'. I cannot believe he's going to be 60! Wow! We were just kids when we got married. Time has certainly flown by. Soon we will be great-grandparents, pretty incredible.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Not Food Poisoning

Okay - turns out I had some weird kinda' flu. Several people have had it already, that I know and say they have really suffered with it. I concur. I am certainly much better today, although my stomach still hurts and so do my ribs from all the violent hurling! I'm kind of glad it was the flu because I wouldn't want to think my favorite salad poisoned me. Ha! By tomorrow I should be able to drive down to Tustin to get my treatment and get on with my week. I did get my Visiting Teaching report done today, as well as a lot of changes in the districts, plus I created a whole new district. I think that was a great deal of work for today. Tonight I just want to rest.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Food Poisoning

Yes, food poisoning. I spent the entire night suffering, then when I awakened began hurling! I was so weak I couldn't stand. I finally was able to take a shower, then went back to bed and slept until 4 PM. I do feel better, but am still very weak. I had to cancel dinner with the Elders and my appointment with Dr. Molthen, plus Tony had to be in Westwood for a 6:45 PM meeting and I had to make sure he had a shirt and dinner. He took care of everything but the shirt and made it out of here in time. I expect to feel much better tomorrow.

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