Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Three Fun Days!

Had so much fun yesterday. After Tony got home from work we drove up to Lancaster to have dinner with Mona, Ewa and Elias. Mona made a fantastic supper of white rice, fried rice and chicken/cream chesse filled wonton, pineapple and her special wonton dipping sauce (so delish!). For dessert she had made lemon curd squares - so tart and good. Then we packed up and brought them back to L.A. to stay for a couple of days while Dan is away with his Scout Group on a camp-out. We're taking them back Wednessday night. Today we'll wing-it and decide what we want to do. Anyway Mona is sleeping in, so is Ewa. Naturally Elias is sitting in my chair playing PS3 video games. He was probably doing that since 6 AM, before Tony left for work. Ha! It's so nice to hear the children's voices in the house. This home was built for children and a large family. We're going to relish the time we have them here this week. It's so good to see my grand babies and their Mom. The missionaries are coming to supper tonight, so I need to get a menu ready. Love having them over.

1 comment:

Roxy Dozier said...

You sound busy as ever! We decided to have chinese food for dinner thamks to you! It was good, probably not nearly as good as what you had!

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