Saturday, June 14, 2008

Quick Week, Faster Weekend!

Here it is late Saturday afternoon and I'm waiting for Linda to finish dinner. She's making a birthday dinner for Tony. Tony is 60 today! Yay! Now I'm no longer alone - in my sixties! Ha! Dan, Ramona and Zack came down and stayed overnight last night because Zack had a soccer game at The Home Depot Center early this morning. Ramona brought a lovely dessert for a pre-birthday present for her Dad. I made barbecued ribs and macaroni salad for supper. We had a great time. Everyone but myself were in bed before 11 PM. Today Tony cleaned out the kitchen/dining room area in the downstairs apartment. He also took the blinds outside and steam cleaned them, they were very dirty. He also steam cleaned the pot rack over the stove in the apartment too. He knocked off about 3:30 PM, said he was tired - do ya' think? I wrapped his present. Had to make my own wrapping paper so I did it with brown service paper and patriotic stamps all over it, since Tony's birthday is also 'Flag Day'. It turned out nicely. Then I wrapped his presents and am ready. Oh, I also ironed a white shirt for him for tomorrow (Sunday). Kirk worked on the front lawn all day. He was trimming up the edges around the grass in the yard and out along the sidewalk. It always looks so much neater afterward. I'm playing the organ for Sacrament tomorrow, so I need to hit the piano for awhile tonight. Then it starts all over again tomorrow for Father's Day.

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