Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So tired of financial woes. This month is already a reminder to me that everything in life breaks. Tony is having trouble with his work car and I just don't want to shell-out the money to have it fixed. So instead we re-insured the Mustang, the worst car to have right now, with the price of gas! I knew these times were coming, but it's still all a surprise to me. Gotta' knuckle down now, no more playing around from now on. Back to tight budgeting again and using our year round Disneyland tickets! That'll be all the fun that is allowed. Still great fun though! I still love Disneyland. Pam was the first person to take me to Disneyland and I've never stopped. I had hoped that in our retirement we could travel some and take some of the grandkids with us each time. Still hoping, not sure we can do it though.

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