Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Heat

I was afraid to mention the heat wave for the last few days - bad luck you know! Tonight it has cooled of considerably and I'm at my computer enjoying the cool breeze from outdoors. Today was the Sabbath so went to church. Accompanied Ginger while she sang, "What Would I Do". My playing sucked (as usual), but she was a good sport and got through it just fine. It always makes me nervous when Aaron is sitting behind me while I play, so I was worse than usual. Argghhhh. . . ! Melissa Marquis taught the RS lesson today and it was a very good lesson about 'saving the one'. She inspired me to try a little harder in bringing folks back into the ward by Visiting Teaching as well as other methods. I will try. Going to Dr. Molthen tomorrow - Yay! I so need an adjustment. Also, Tony will be leaving for the rest of the week on Tuesday to go to Stake Girls' Camp. I will be lonely for him.

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