Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Time Passes

I can't believe I've neglected writing my blog lately. Tonight I ordered pizza online from Domino's Pizza. It came in no time at all, everything was in the order and it was hot - just the way we like it. We were supposed to go to church for a combined Wilshire/Adams barbecue. I just didn't feel like going since Tony has a meeting down in Torrance tonight, and I was going to have to take nearly our whole dinner over there, umph! Plus Ewa and Elias are here for the week and they want to just play games and rest. I'm so glad the kids are here for the week. I am also very excited for Dan and Mona because they finally have set their temple sealing date; August 2, 2008, the day after Ewa's birthday! I can hardly wait for the day to come. They are so happy, and they can finally think about having a baby now. Yay! Another grandchild to spoil rotten - love those grandkids! I'm swamped right now with making the notebooks for the kids that are going on the L.A. Stake Pioneer Trek in July. They are going to work out just fine. I had a little trouble finding the right paper and picture for the cover, but all of it came together and it's done. I just have to print them all out and bind them, that is the hard part. I'm going on the trek as one of the drivers. I will follow along with them carrying foodstuffs and other things. I'm excited to get to go.

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