Monday, July 14, 2008

A Mish Mosh of Thoughts

Well, the time has come in our lives to begin deciding on what we expect to do at Tony's retirement. Our retirement funds are set up and we are ready to move onto this phase of our lives. We have to decide now whether or not to sell our home. The house is now so big with everyone but Linda and the kids and Kirk still here, we hardly spend time in many of the rooms. I have volunteered to have a small wedding reception for Jenelle Clawson and her (now) fiance, Damien Howard and a few of their converts and friends from her in L.A. They will be married August 22nd in the Nauvoo Temple and then they are coming out to L.A. for a week-long honeymoon, and they will be have this mini-reception during that time. I can't wait to see the both of them. They both served here in the L.A. CA Mission. The reception will be on August 28th and will be outdoors. I think we can manage a very nice reception for them. Well, I think we're just about ready for the Pioneer Trek next week and we are anxious to go now. I hope all goes well so that others will hear about it and want to go another time - perhaps in four years.

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