Friday, July 11, 2008

Los Angeles Stake Pioneer Trek

This is such a cool project. It has been set up for the youth of the stake, however there will be many adults/couples trekking too. I will be one of them, although I can't do the trek (can't walk that far) I will be driving the supplies vehicle and be in the distant background - unseeable to the trekkers. I will meet up with them every two hours for a rest stop and for meals and just before bedtime. The neat thing about this trek is that when we are finished we will show up at the Westwood Ballfield where the rest of the stake will have come to celebrate Pioneer Day. They will be there to greet us, just like the pioneers were greeted by the first parties of pioneers in 1847 in Salt Lake City. It will be a very spiritually reflective moment for all of us. I can hardly wait. We have been working on this for the past year. I personally created (with Ewa-Solange's help) the pioneer notebooks each youth will receive at the beginning of the trek. They will write their reflections of their hardships and 'aha' moments, and their testimonies. The book will be a remembrance they can always thumb through in later years to think upon their experiences on the trek. Tony has been so instrumental in all of this, along with Yvonne Bragg and so many others.

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jun lambert said...

hello, president bargas...

i've been searching, and looking for the picture of the trek last july 2008... then i saw these BLOG...do u know any site or friends that knows where i could find any of those picture. if u know where... just send it into my email adress at astig_panday12@yahoo.com...i'm glady wait for your reply thanks....

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