Sunday, December 7, 2008

Moving On

For those of you who follow my blog that do not know about my second hospitalization here goes:

Two days after I came home from my 6 day stay after the surgery I ended up with my head in a trash can throwing up blood and blood clots. Tony rushed me to the emergency room and after diagnosis I was treated via a nasal gastric tube to lavage my stomach of the blood and clots and was place in the Critical Care Unit for two days. After that I was put back into a regular room and was watched over like a hawk. I had developed two internal abcesses, one was on the back of my pelvic wall and the other a little higher up. The docs decided to put me on fast acting anti-biotics, they worked. But after not eating/drinking anything for 10 days I was left very weak and pitiful, I could barely walk. Consequently I have had a really rough recovery. In the beginning (after my second discharge) I had a nurse coming twice a day, then after a week once a day, and now only every other day. And as soon as I have no more drainage then I will be back on my own and very happy about it thank you!

I'm so glad to be in the middle of my recuperation. It means I don't have to be at the beginning of it. I'm much stronger and not so depressed for the inability to do things for myself. Tomorrow Tony goes back to work and leaves me home to fend for myself. I can do it, but I cannot do anything but make my meals, use the bathroom and the computer. I can open the door for my nurse and I can set everything up for him/her to re-pack my incision before he/she comes.

I can use my scooter to get around downstairs to decorate for Christmas in a limited way. As Neil A. Maxwell said, I cannot afford to visit the saloon of self-pity! I can listen to talks on BYU that are uplifting and spiritual, I can read or play my video games and I can finish my 'Twilight' book series. I do not feel sorry for myself, yet I am getting antsy about doing more in the house. I have been cooking with the aid of my kitchen high stool which hasn't been too confining, except I cannot cook/bake anything too complicated because I cannot go back and forth from the pantry to the kitchen.

I cannot thank God enough for allowing to get better so I can soon be doing all the very mundane things in life that most of us take for granted. So I vow to be good and not push myself too far. I want to be all better by Christmas so I can spend it happily with family and friends.

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