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Seasonal Calendar

Here's a great calendar so you'll know what to buy in what months of the year. You can access the way cool web site with all this kind of info on it by clicking on the word 'Seasonal' above. --Susan

Seasonal Sales Calendar 2009

January - New Years, Chinese New Year, Super Bowl Sales, Harmons Case Lot
Grocery Sales – Turkey, apples, grapefruit, oranges, and pears, breakfast cereal, canned chili, soups, dry bouillon, prepared meals, teriyaki and soy sauce, oriental noodles
Seasonal Sales – Winter clothing & accessories, winter boots & shoes, white sales, Christmas clearance, furniture, computers, storage containers, organizers, shelf organizers, planners, filing cabinets, CDs and DVDs, cookware, treadmills and other exercise equipment

February - Valentine's & President's Day Sales, Case Lot Sales (checking on dates)
Grocery Sales – Post Valentine’s Day candy, apples, grapefruit, oranges, pears, breakfast cereal, canned chili, Case lot sales (canned soups, fruit, vegetables, beans, meats, stew, honey, jelly, mac & cheese, Spam, hand grain mill, etc.), eggs, ham, paper products
Seasonal Sales – Winter coats, furniture, mattresses, snow blowers, digital cameras, DVD players, humidifiers

March - National Frozen Food Month
Grocery Sales – National Frozen Food Month (frozen vegetables, meats, breakfast items, and TV dinners)
Seasonal Sales – Spring cleaning supplies, garden supplies, spring clothing & shoes, luggage, infant clothing, winter sports clearance, computers, TV's

April - National Garden Month, Easter
Grocery Sales – Eggs, ham, marshmallows, broccoli, and cauliflower
Seasonal Sales – Spring clothing, men’s suits/ties, Easter dresses, paint, digital cameras

May - Cinco De Mayo, Mother's Day, Memorial Day
Grocery Sales – Hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, buns, asparagus, pineapple, BBQ sauce, ketchup, mustard, frozen veggies, baked beans, paper goods, olives, taco sauce, enchilada sauce
Seasonal Sales – Athletic shoes & clothes, tires, home maintenance, white sales, women’s undergarments, sunscreens, bug spray, cordless phones

June - National Safety Month, Father's Day
Grocery Sales – Bottled water, dairy products, tomatoes, croutons, salad dressing, Gatorade powder, lemonade powder
Seasonal Sales – Summer clothing, dresses, summer sports gear, men's clothing, refrigerators, fabrics, building materials (wood for food storage shelves), computers, canning supplies, insect repellent, sunscreen

July - Canning Month, 4th of July
Grocery Sales – Bottled water, ketchup, BBQ sauce, steak sauce, mustard, croutons, salad dressing, mayonnaise, pickles, relish, hot dogs, ground beef, Jell-O, beef steaks, chicken, paper supplies, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, corn, cherries, squash, watermelons, cantaloupes, tomatoes, plums, peaches, and nectarines, Gatorade powder, lemonade powder
Seasonal Sales – Summer clothing clearance, shoes, camping equipment, hiking boots, used cars, air conditioners, fuel oil, summer sports equipment, carpet, radios, summer sports equipment, craft supplies, computers

August - Back to School Sales
Grocery Sales – Squash, green peppers, salad fixings, berries, apples, melons, peaches, apricots, and fresh fish, juice
Seasonal Sales – Camping equipment, barbecues, patio supplies, school supplies, new car clearance, lawn mowers, sprinklers, yard tools, school clothes, back to school, swim suits, computers

September - National Emergency Preparedness Month & Case Lot Sales
Grocery Sales – Case lot sales (canned soups, fruit, vegetables, beans, meats, stew, honey, jelly, mac. & cheese, Spam, Ravioli's, Spaghettios, hand grain mill, etc.), apples, broccoli, cauliflower, school snacks, Capri suns, fruit snacks, cereal, peanut butter/jelly, bottled spaghetti sauce
Seasonal Sales – Camping equipment, gas grills, gardening supplies clearance, bicycles, car parts, children’s clothes

October - National Fire Prevention Month, Halloween
Grocery Sales – Vegetable and other oils, canned pumpkins, cranberries, grapes, oranges, sweet potatoes, and yams, instant potatoes, stuffing, canned cranberries, marshmallows, ice cream, pie shells, whipped cream, crackers, candy making supplies, nuts, choc. chips, frozen pizza, corn syrup, soup mixes
Seasonal Sales – Gas grills, winter coats, school clothes clearance, hosiery, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, fire escape ladders, glow sticks

November - Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Sales
Grocery Sales – canned cranberries, canned pumpkin, stuffing, olives, whipping cream, cool whip, frozen vegetables, fresh cranberries (freeze for later), cream cheese, chicken broth, turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, yams, and post-Halloween bags of candy, condensed milk, cake mix, frosting, brownie mix, cooking spray, pie filling
Seasonal Sales – Coats, boots, gloves, quilts, blankets, heating devices, baby blankets, water heaters, appliances, men’s/boy’s suits, Thanksgiving week sales

December - Christmas Sales
Grocery Sales – Candy making supplies, flour, sugar, nuts, choc. chips, oranges, apples, and grapefruit, broth, soups, party foods, baking cocoa, hot cocoa, pasta, vanilla & other extracts, cream of tartar, cooking spray
Seasonal Sales – Winter coats, toys, gift items, bikes, new cars, quilts & blankets, electronics, small appliances, after Christmas sales, gift wrap, candles, cold medicine, thermometer, toothbrushes, batteries, vitamins

(updated 12/31/08)

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