Friday, April 3, 2009

The Saga of the Vengeance of the Flu - 2009

On March 23rd we picked up Elias, Katie and Justin (three of our grandchildren) and brought them home for the week while their parents and sister travelled across Europe as part of a Junior High School group from Lancaster, CA. That evening while watching TV poor Justin (only 5)hurled clear across the room - and the games began. He vomited all night and into the night as well. He wore a path from his bed to the bathroom several times, never quite making it each time. Poor kid. By the morning he was exhausted and slept off and on most of the following day.

By late afternoon the next day Elias began the same ritual. So Tony was hauling clothes and bedding back and forth from the laundry room - several times. He ended up washing all the boys clothes from their dresser drawers. Then Katie got it and on it went.

The next day I went down and spend more than 22 hours in bed, trying to keep from hurling and unable to move more than a finger. Tony was chief cook and bottle washer trying to keep us together body and soul. I barely made it out of the bed the next day and it was time to take Justin and Katie back to Lancaster to take them home so their mother could pick them up for the weekend.

Tony held on until we got home from dropping them off and then hit the toilet with his head in a vengeance! I was not good for anything, barely walking around like a zombie. Elias was recovering but still not able to eat well. None of us could eat a meal for about three days because of the constant nausea.

So - comes Monday morning and we had to take Elias to the airport to fly to Arizona to visit for the next week with his other grandparents. We saw him off and headed to Miguel and Greg's and had a delicious lunch of breaded filet of sole with refried beans and Greg's especially delicious rice. It tasted sooooo good. We hadn't been able to eat a complete meal for the whole week, so what a treat! Thank goodness for Miguel and Greg.

Then Ramona, Dan and Ewa returned from Europe. Two days later Dan promptly hit the bed with a bucket beside him and Ramona and Ewa are awaiting their turn. I pray they will be alright, especially Ramona because she's entering the 8th month of her pregnancy and I'm not certain what effect the flu would have on her and her unborn son. Such a terrible present for Ramona and her crew upon returning home from a whirlwind tour of Europe. They all have severe jet lag as it is, they don't need this as well. God bless them all.

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