Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Our New Chronis Grand Child

We welcome our newest grandchild into our family.

Benjamin Lloyd Chronis
Born at 10:14 AM on May 27, 2009
9 pounds 11 ounces - 22 inches

We are sooo proud of Ramona for all her sacrifice that brought this little boy into our family. We know she suffered not only through her labor and delivery, but also in carrying this very large child inside her. Ramona is the finest mother I know and is an example of patience, long suffering and grace. I am her mother and I know most women fit this description, but I want everyone who reads this to recognize her character as do I.

Ramona received more than 1300 text messages of congratulations in less than one hour after Benjamin's birth. She is so beloved by so many.

You gain a better perspective of Benjamin's size when seeing him in the arms of his nine year old brother, Elias.

Ewa-Solange is so happy to have her new little brother in her arms. She will be a very sweet big sister for Benjamin.

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