Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I went to my primary care physician yesterday for my physical examination in preparation for our mission. All went well. She says I am fit for service. I have to have a mammogram and heart stress test, but after those are completed and the reports sent in to her for evaluation and Tony gets his medical evaluation back from his doctor then we can turn in our papers and wait for 'the call'. This is all beginning to become more real to me now and I am getting more and more excited!
I also had to have a TB test and had to get the Hepatitis A/B vaccination, which has one initial shot followed by two boosters before we leave. The doc told me to expect to feel flu-like symptoms for a couple of days - well, when I got up this morning I had some of the symptoms, so she was correct. Our daughter Ramona received this vaccination before she went to Africa several years ago and had a very bad reaction to it. Her face swelled and she was having trouble breathing. She had to go to the hospital for treatment and cannot receive this vaccination at all. I am grateful I didn't have that happen to me.

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