Monday, May 14, 2012

And Still Waiting . . .

Gosh! I KNOW you are all waiting on pins and needles to find out where we are being sent on our mission - BUT - we are now awaiting our letter of assignment from the First Presidency. In fact on line the statement next to our names reads - "Ready for Assignment". We are hoping to receive our papers this week, and we are very excited and anticipatory!
(Tony finally got his papers back from his doctor after a three week wait. Personally I thought the doc lost them in his out pile. At any rate we finally got the job done and we are now at the apex of our future.)
On another note - my dear cousin Jone Lewis is currently very ill with 1st stage breast cancer and is having a lumpectomy this Thursday. Jone and I grew up together and she is my heart and soul. I have gone through exactly what she is suffering and my outcome was very positive, and I'm certain the doctors have caught her case in time to keep anything terribly dire happening to her, still I am praying for a full recovery in her behalf. If you read this please join with me in a prayer for her. She lost her daughter last year to cancer and this must be frightening to her. She is a Christian and has placed her fate in the hands of the Lord, so no matter what happens she knows it is the Lord's will.

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