Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Another Doctor Visit

So this time my primary doctor referred me to a surgeon.  I saw him today and he made it very clear to me that he would not be willing to perform a hernia repair on me because I am too high risk since I have had more than five hernia repair surgeries.  He said only under life-threatening circumstances (i.e. A strangulated bowel) would he consider surgery.  He said I am too fat, have hypertension and I have exhausted all surgical options for my health.  Basically I am screwed.  Death is my only option now!  Are any of you listening?  This is MediCare in action, or to be precise, ObamaCare!  Forget death panels, they now just consign you to extreme suffering and death and have done with you!

And for you who think I am being overly dramatic - my husband was with me this time.  He heard it all.

While it's true that I am everything he stated, I still believe I should have an assurance that should I have another episode of a strangulated hernia, as I did six weeks ago, that I should have options.  Whatever happened to laparoscopic surgery?  That's the least invasive method.

I decided this afternoon that I will go on and live my life in the best way I know how and let the chips fall where they may!  I am not giving up!  I want to live!  I will not just lay down and die!

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Jen said...

Any chance of a second opinion????

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