Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Followup

So here we are ensconced at Miguel and Greg's house. We have our own room/bathroom, a TV (with cable) and our own cell phones. I miss our home. Miguel and Greg have been so kind and gracious in making our stay comfortable. We've been here a week tomorrow and so far all is well. We share cooking/cleaning and do our own laundry.

Our meals have been very interesting because they eat no fat or carbohydrates - and we eat all that garbage! However, I have ordered a month's worth of Medi-Fast meals on the recommendation of my friend Helen Peery. She's managed to lose a great deal of weight, so it's seemed the right time to take her advice. If I can stand the food I should do just fine, otherwise it will be a real struggle!

Lauren is back at USC and I'm so glad, I've missed knowing she was here. We will be spending Labor Day with her and some friends. It should prove to be a fun day.

Miguel was let go of his position at work and is looking madly to find new work. He has so many obligations, not the least of which is his daughter, Melissa. I hope and pray for his success. This is certainly a very cruel world, thank goodness we have so little time to think about it, since we all have to immediately move on.

Tony is home for the next two days. He has had a bad cold and has not been feeling well at all. He recently had a procedure done when he gave blood, that takes his red cells and packs them to be used in critically ill patients. After the procedure he immediately felt awful - the next day he came down with a raging head cold. He cannot have that procedure done again, I guess he's finally too old. Ha!

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