Monday, September 8, 2008

Sabbath Day

I'm just draggin' along over here. I think I'm depressed because I know I'm homesick! I can hardly wait to go home. I think I'm definitely going to appreciate our home more from now on.

Went to the Studio City Ward Sacrameeting meeting today with Miguel. I thought it was nice, it was testimony Sunday so we heard lots of stories.

Our bath tub has been plugged up ever since we came. It's water up to your ankles when you take a shower in it. Well, yesterday Miguel's landlord came and poured some acid down it. Didn't help at all - typical male, thinks anything is better than doing the right thing, it just needs to be snaked out!

It was hot - again today, waiting for the weather to take a cool turn. I worked on my genealogy today along with watching the "House" marathon on the USA channel and playing my Tony Hawk Pro-Skater 3 video game. Got very bored. Cooked a roast with all the fixins', but we didn't eat until 9:45 PM when Tony got home from church. Sometimes I feel like a widow!

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