Saturday, September 19, 2009

Time Marches On

I thought today I would continue my ramblings about myself in regard to age. I will be 65 on January 13, 2010. I am amazed to have gotten this ripe! I kept thinking I would always be hale and hearty, but age kept creeping up on me. Let me tell you why I am blogging about this. Yesterday I had to have all my upper teeth surgically removed because all the enamel was gone and the teeth kept breaking off into my food bites, etc. I am quite miserable today. The swelling is so uncomfortable, and I have pain because the stitches are constantly being pulled and rubbed by my new upper plate. I was advised by a friend of mine who is a dentist, and lives in another state, to get my dentist to place two implants in and then insert a permanent full upper set of teeth. Lovely thought, except our dental insurance doesn't pay for such work. But after today I can tell you I will be finding a way to earn the money to have the implants placed! The roof of my mouth is completely covered by the plate and I cannot taste my food, nor can I feel the food either. This is barbaric! People have been losing their teeth since Adam and Eve, for Heaven's sake, why can't implants be available to everyone? It would be so much more cost effective and esthetically correct. That is why I hate dentistry! It is still in the Dark Ages for the majority of people; and whoever thought of creating dentures should be SHOT! I HATE mine! I've avoided getting my teeth fixed for years because it is so painful, embarrassing and the dentists and their assistants are so rude and un-caring. With something being so personal why is it still so hard to deal with? I could write a book on the reasons I hate dentistry! I did everything they ever told me to do - even to getting my teeth cleaned and scaled every six months and I still lost them. I do have my lower teeth, but that is little consolation.

You see, now I have to tell you how I now look - because of the loss of teeth you end up with no lips! All the contour of my face has been completely distorted. I hate both how I look and how I feel. That's why I put off getting the work done for so long. We constantly pay the premiums on our insurance and this is what we get for it. Because most all medical care is rendered to people after the age of 65. Maybe I ought to be happy about "Death Panels"! NOT!!!!

To end this horrible banter, I want all of you who read this to save up your money so you can get implants when the time comes to lose your teeth. Currently it cost's more than $26,000 to replace all 32 teeth. That's at the rate of $825 per tooth, and you are not given any breaks - that's considered very reasonable. You need to mortgage your home to get teeth that look and feel real and are useful.

Good luck to you when the time comes for your teeth to be replaced. Perhaps by then there will only be implants and no false teeth.

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