Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Foibles of Facebook

I'm amazed how this jerk can keep compromising my Facebook account. My friend says he's coming in the back door of Facebook - not through my account. It seems to be the truth, because I have so much security on both my computers. But it really makes me mad that I have to give up so much time on my page to suit this geek. I don't understand why Facebook doesn't have more security for such occurrences for it's users.

I've re-opened my other account and am going to go to it permanently once I get the other one back. I'm going to snag all my pictures and other usables and put them on my alternative page and then delete my old page.

I have adjusted to wearing my upper plate now, I still hate it with a passion, but I will have to deal with it 'til I can find a way to get the money to get replace the darned thing with dental implants. Believe me when I say you do NOT want plates at all!

We are still in a quandry as to where to move when we retire. If anyone has any suggestions, please - tell me. Right now Southern Utah is in the primary running spot. We want a three bedroom home with two baths and everything needs to be updated, no more repair work for us! Also, a location with LOW property taxes, preferrably no state tax and just a little land, so we can keep a veggie garden in the Summer. If possible, near a VA Hospital and other medical services. Any ideas?

Tony and I are certainly worried about what the new U.S. Healthcare Plan will do to our medical concerns after we retire. Since the bill is slated to cut $80 billion dollars from Medicare we are VERY concerned. Those of you reading this really ought to be concerned too, since it will carry over to you and your children as well.

Do not think you will escape the Socialist/Marxist policies rendered by the Obama administration, it won't just go away.

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