Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Real Deal

Don and Helen Peery left yesterday and we had such a wonderful visit! We spent all our time reminiscing about all our old friends, our children and grandchildren. Life has certainly taken us all in such different directions. Yet we are all still faithful in the church, happy in spite of our trials and tribulations.

Today ended quite badly. We began to have gale force winds this afternoon and when a particularly high wind blew across our neighborhood this afternoon at about 4:30 PM it blew pipes off the North side of our house. Then immediately after that we heard a very LOUD crack, and when it was done we saw that our old jasmine tree had been literally lifted out of the ground and came crashing down on the neighbor's back staircase to their second story. It crushed both the bottom landing and stairs of the staircase and the fence between our yards. But the worst of it was that the tree ripped all the electrical lines out of their house. It is 7:30 PM and the DWP has still not come to remove the live wires and re-connect the neighbor's electrical lines.

I'm very frustrated and angry and don't have any way to make this all go away. I hate being at the mercy of the utility company and I KNOW our neighbor and she will sue us over this. I could just scream!

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