Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Done and Done!

I just wanted to write about how excited I am at the close of our house sale yesterday. It is nothing short of a miracle that we sold the house, much less for the price we demanded. When I called our insurance agent today to project and prepare coverage for our new home and to drop the insurance on our home we just sold, she was shocked at how much we paid for our new home, and wanted to know how we did it. When I told her she was even more surprised. Even I can't get over how it all worked out in our favor.

What's even more amazing is how she reacted when I told her there would be NO mortgage on our new home! I told her we had lived in our home on Manhattan Place so long that we derived enough proceeds from the sale to buy our new home with cash. She was devastated!

It has ever been my dream as an adult to own our own home outright - and God has answered our prayers and even added more blessings on top of all that.

If you are wary to believe that God hears and answers prayers, or that he cares about your well-being financially - well let me tell you I KNOW he does! He not only helped us acquire our home on Manhattan Place, but he also helped us find a buyer for it when we needed the money to buy a new home.

Yes, we have to move to another city, but I'm not in the least sorry about that either. We still get to live in Los Angeles - we are renting an apartment in Hollywood until we are ready to permanently leave LA, which will probably be in 2-3 years. And our apartment is also a wonderful place to live as well. Heavenly Father has watched over us every step of this process, truly he has.

He has even seen to it that we will have enough money left from the sale to make the needed improvements on our new home, and that is: all new carpeting/flooring and to repaint the entire house, which will not come cheap. We will also need a little new furniture because some of ours has gotten very shabby.

All-in-all it has been a most remarkable experience. I will post pictures later on of our new home.

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