Monday, May 2, 2011

Moving In!

So cool to move into our new home! I'm still having trouble realizing it's all ours - no if's and's or but's! We had a few major glitches with our move. After we moved some of our things into the house I decided to make a sink full of hot, soapy water to wash some dusty items, and lo! There was NO hot water. So Tony checked the water heater - it was in the on position and temperature was dialed to the correct reading, but there was NO hot water. Finally I made a phone call to the plumber that had put the insulation blanket on it. When the plumber came he told us the water heater was ancient and would need about $350.00 worth of repairs that he could not guarantee would last due to the age of the heater. He then noted that there was never a safety release valve ever installed and that the whole heater had been installed incorrectly. When we had the home inspector come he told us the heater was working perfectly! So 5 1/2 hrs later and $1,000 less in our pocket book we had a working water heater. Okay. The next morning I went out to the garage and smelled gas. So I called the gas company and they sent someone out within the hour. The gas repairman said there was not just ONE leak, but indeed two - both in the furnace gas intake valve! So he repaired those. Finally we were able to use our hot water and the furnace was fully-functioning. Apparently the water heater came installed when the house was first built, and it WAS installed incorrectly. The plumber said the owners were lucky it hadn't exploded over the years. I'm just grateful we were able to repair it, and so quickly!

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