Friday, March 9, 2012

Mission Readiness

Today I completed another facet of preparation for our mission - I got my yearly mammogram. Always unpleasant, but gratifying to know I can expect good breast health for another year. When I had that serious scare with a tumor in my right breast many years ago and had to undergo several procedures, including a lumpectomy
to determine if I had breast cancer, I determined to be vigilant in seeing that I have a mammogram yearly. The doctor still makes me have one each year. I do have a story that accompanies my breast-cancer scare. About two days after I had undergone one of the procedures to determine the nature of the tumor I had in my right breast our bishop called me in to issue me a calling in our ward. The calling was to be the new Relief Society President of the Adams Ward in Los Angeles. I was shocked because I knew I would be going through a lot of tests and the lumpectomy for the tumor. When I told him all this he looked me in the eye and told me that never had the Lord impressed upon his mind so strongly that he should issue this calling. With that I told him I would serve, no matter what happened to me, and off I went.
Eventually after all the medical procedures were completed my surgeon came to me and said she couldn't understand what had happened to me, because all the indications were that I had at least stage 2 insitu breast cancer. She said it was a miracle that I had escaped from it. I knew then why I had been called to be Relief Society President by the Lord - it was to preserve my life to serve God and my sisters. I have ever been grateful for that opportunity.

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