Friday, March 16, 2012

Our Family Continues to Grow

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. Not the least of which is the return of our granddaughter Monique Mosely to our family. Monique is the daughter of Dorothy our daughter. Monique is married and has a little girl named Destiny. Destiny is one of our almost 11 great-grandchildren, as Jacuelyne - daughter of Audrey is due in a few months with another great-grandchild. We are thrilled at the growth of our family! Monique said she had been looking for us for the past 8 1/2 years, and I told her I had been looking for her for 20+ years! I didn't know the surname of the family who adopted her many years ago.

Monique Nicole (Shea)Tansmore Jefferson Mosley

Dorothy had lived many troubled years, and when Monique was very young she was forced to give Monique over to the foster care program in California. We never knew her foster parents, who eventually adopted her. And Monique has since told me she lived in a very abusive household with her adoptive parents. I was very disappointed to hear that, and she has also told me she has little/nothing to do with any of her adoptive family, which her husband has endorsed because he feels it is detrimental to their family life. She did say she is still in touch with one of her older brothers from the family.

Destiny Mosley

Now - how did Monique come back into our family you may have asked yourself. . . well, it was all thanks to Facebook! She began trying to find me on Facebook, and when she did she saw a post from me stating I was at the UCLA Institute of Religion teaching my Wednesday night religion class. Because I used the "Check in" feature on my iPhone the address and phone number of the Institute was 'clickable' - so Monique called the phone number the next day to ask for me. Sister Margaret Park who is the UCLA Institute secretary took her call and then spoke to Brother John Neeley who is the director about connecting us, so Monique had left her phone number with Margaret and she gave it to me and I called her. We had a wonderful telephone reunion and are planning a family barbecue on Memorial Day at our home in Lancaster, CA.

Monique and Gabriel Mosley

I gave Monique Dottie's phone number and she contacted her. A few days later they met at Monique's home for dinner and are now permanently connected.

We welcome Monique, Gabriel (her husband) and daughter Destiny to our family - eternally!

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