Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Yup, that's what I said, "Immigration."
In order to get our visas for Cyprus we must run through lotsa' hoops! First we had to open a bank account, then we have to deposit money in it, then we cannot deposit anymore money in it till we do a wire-transfer deposit from our bank in the USA. Then we cannot bank online till we get a subscriber number, then we have to wait for said number to come in the mail. Now that's all well and good, except for one or two glitches! Each one of the above steps are given to you one at a time - when you open your bank account every time you need one of their services you must wait a week for whatever paperwork needs to arrive in the mail - this turns out to be a very lengthy process. But this is how they do things on an island in paradise!! Ha!
Oh - and they don't tell you any of this stuff up front. As when you open your bank account your are not told you will need a subscriber number to do banking on line. Every time you need a service you must go downtown to the bank apply for it and then wait a week. We are just not used to doing business like this and it is super frustrating!
So we currently have all the other paperwork necessary to get our visas, but we are currently waiting for our wire-transfer to go through and to receive our subscriber numbers to bank on line - that will take another week. In the mean time, rent and utilities come due shortly and we are hoping all this goes through or we'll be chasing all about Nicosia paying bills in cash. (Not a good thing here.)


The Leyva Family said...

oh man, I am sure that is a nightmarish headache. Hope things move quickly. What is your address there so we can send you things? Love you and miss you, but glad you are enjoying it.

Susan Vargas said...

Hi Shirl! Thanks, it's still the "Nightmare on Elmstreet", as we are no where near getting our visas. It takes 3-5 months, by then you are illegal anyway!

Our address is:

11 Triptomelou Flat 303
1087 Nicosia, Cyprus

We would LOVE anything from home!!

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