Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A New Life

Yesterday morning we packed our car with our suitcases and drove down to Santa Monica to the Westwood Chapel, where at 9:00 AM we spoke in the Westwood First Ward Sacrament meeting. Presiding over the meeting were Mark Bragg, President of the Los Angeles California Stake, with President Christopher Badurek, his second counselor. I spoke on the importance of Family History and Tony spoke on 1st Nephi 3:6 and 7. We finished and were greeted warmly by many in attendance.

That afternoon we drove to the Los Angeles Stake Center and spoke in the Wilshire Ward. I spoke on the value of service to others, and Tony spoke on service and what our purpose is in this life. Afterward we were again greeted by so many of the members who reside in the wards in that wonderful building.

Thus ended our work in the Los Angeles California Stake. Which saddens us, however we have been called of the Lord to serve God's children on the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean.

We then drove to our son, Miguel's home, where we were treated to a lovely lunch and later a delicious supper. We also went to Miguel's to spend the night, as he and Greg were going to take us this morning to LAX to catch a flight to Salt Lake City, UT, where we boarded a shuttle which brought us to The Provo Missionary Training Center, where we are preparing to go to Cyprus to teach the Gospel.

We are overwhelmed at the complexity and spiritual atmosphere here. Everything is SO orderly, and all who serve or work here are so good to us. We must report to the Travel Center here at the MTC on Friday morning at 3:30 AM to get on the 6:00 AM flight that will begin our very long journey across the world to Cyprus.

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