Sunday, July 1, 2012

Feted by Our Friends

We were so blessed Saturday evening by our friends, Paul and Suzanne White at their home. They invited many of our friends, and in honor of our mission to Cyprus they provided a beautiful menu of Greek food for us all to enjoy. The weather was beautiful, so instead of dining in the house we all ate outdoors on the patio. It was wonderful to share a meal and talk for several hours about our lives and how they intersected with the lives of the other Saints in Los Angeles all these many years.
Those who honored us with their presence were, President and Yvonne Bragg, President Richard and Linda Smith, Paul and Suzanne White, Bishop David and Gala Scoll, David and Marissa Gage and Jack Richards. Also attending were several of the children of our dear friends. President Badurek was unable to attend and was missed. Tony and I were so touched at the kindness of Paul and Suzanne to offer to use their home for the dinner and social hour.
We leave for Cyprus content in the knowledge we are leaving the Los Angeles Stake having done all possible to build up the Kingdom of God in this area with all our dear friends. They will go on in the cause to do even more than has ever been done before. Goodbye dear friends - we will miss you more than you will ever know.

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