Sunday, June 24, 2012


We've know it was coming for many months now - Tony's release from the Los Angeles California Stake Presidency. Well, it came today. This morning Tony was released in the Hollywood Ward (actually our home ward). It's a bitter-sweet experience. We will be sad to not have the inter-personal contact with the members of the stake anymore. It has been a most intense spiritual experience for the past near seven years, and this will be very hard to live without. Although we will certainly have many spiritual experiences on our mission I expect.
Our Bishop, Bishop Chris Badurek was called to be the new second counselor in the stake presidency, and his first counselor, Seth Johnson was called to be the new Bishop of Hollywood Ward. Richard Smith was called to be the new first counselor in the stake presidency, having been the second counselor for more than a year now. Everyone was very happy with the changes. These two men are really special and we all know they will be wonderful in their callings.
We will miss being among the Saints in the Los Angeles Stake always, not just the time we are gone on our mission, but ever after. Our hearts will always be here, among them.

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