Monday, June 11, 2012

New Stuff to Do!

Today we began the process of obtaining our Visas to live in Cyprus. First we went to our bank to get a notarized copy of our bank statement and a letter from our bank to the Cypriot government (also notarized) stating we have sufficient income to live there. And I want to say here we have a great bank (CitiBank), they not only gave us what we asked for, they did not charge us.
Then we went to the LAPD to get letters stating we have no criminal record, but LAPD could not help us because even though we still live in LA County we live in an area of the county that is policed by the County Sheriff's office. So we had to drive back to Lancaster, where we live (70 miles north of LA) the Sheriff's office, where we were told to go to the Criminal Courts Office in the Courthouse to get the letters. We finally hit the jackpot at the Criminal Courts Office in the Courthouse and got our papers in less than 10 minutes! And - they did not charge us for them!
Tomorrow we will drive back down to LA and go to the State Department to get Apostilles (a type of notarization from the State Department) for our marriage license and income verification letters
Very complicated and tedious work, but we have such a deadline we cannot let up now. We have three weeks to prepare before we leave for the MTC in Provo, UT.

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