Monday, June 11, 2012

An Unforgettable Evening

Words are insufficient to remark on our humbling experience last evening at a fireside we presented to the entire stake regarding our mission. Our fireside was held at the Hollywood Chapel and the chapel and overflow were filled by people who love us and wish us well. What a great feeling!!
We were so happy to have Miguel and Ramona singing and all of Ramona and Dan's children as well. Plus our very own Greg! Also Aaron McClaskey played the organ for us. The music was unbelievably beautiful and brought tears to our eyes. And we were so blessed to have our dear niece Rita Romero in attendance. And our long time friends, Ron and Dorene Keith came as well, and the lovely Anna Williams!
Tony and I spoke and poured our hearts out to the audience. It was a spiritually uplifting program and was a wonderful way to end our service in the Los Angeles Stake. Friday night Tony had taught his last seminary class, and after 20 years of teaching the youth he was overcome with emotion because he will miss them so much. The Wednesday before that I completed my second year teaching at the UCLA Institute. The students honored me with a beautiful card, flowers and gift cards. I was very surprised and pleased And Jonathan Neeley, Director at the Institute gave us beautifully engraved pens which we will use forever and especially on our mission.
We must thank Steve Eyre, Hollywood Ward Mission Leader, George Ksajikian, Hollywood Ward High Priest Group Leader, Ginger Cain, Hollywood Ward Relief Society President and all the members who brought food for refreshments afterward. You guys did a stellar job putting all this together - we couldn't have done it without your help! Also Steve Eyre recorded our fireside so we could have a copy and listen to it again and again. Many thanks to you Steve! And finally we must thank Bishop Badurek for spending the time scanning documents and processing forms for us and for just being our dear friend. We love you Bishop!
President Bragg's remarks were so sweet. He and Tony will miss each other so much, they will always be dear, dear friends.

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