Friday, June 15, 2012

Forever Friends

Last night we went to dinner with our dear friends, Bishop and Sister Lee of the Olympic Ward. We have been trying to find a date/time for a few years now and finally we just said we had to pick and day and go. We had always wanted to go to a Korean Barbecue Restaurant and didn't know which one to try, so the Lee's told us they would take us to a really great one - one of their favorites.
We were overwhelmed by the beauty of the table settings and the food, and the fact that you grill the food right in the middle of the table. There was such a variety of food we hardly knew where to begin. There was cabbage slaw (of which I am a big fan) and then a green salad of which we ate copious amounts. There were five cuts of beef to grill - everything cut up in thin slices, and then huge prawns, bigger than my hands. And then there were the vegetables - sweet pumpkin, squash, sweet potatoes and others. There were condiments for the meat - sesame oil, soy sauce with jalapenos, daikon radishes (julienned), kim chee (marinated cabbage with garlic), cucumbers in vinaigrette, and cucumbers with jalapenos and zucchini vinaigrette.
Bishop Lee told us that Korean people do not talk when they eat, they eat and then they go to a tea house to visit and talk. So he asked us if we would like to go to a tea house - we said yes. So he took us to one. When we entered we found the decor was decidedly Korean; very peaceful and serene, with plants and artwork intertwined between tea rooms with cushions on the floor for those who prefer to be very comfortable, and tables and chairs set in conversational settings. We chose a table and chairs. The waitress took our order - we ordered Barley Tea and these lovely desserts that consisted of shaved ice with a layer of Mixed chopped fruits and a layer of red beans, yes, red beans, and on top of everything strawberry ice cream. It sounds like an odd concoction, but it goes together very well. It was delightfully refreshing and delicious. You must try it sometime.
We talked for almost three hours, and we found it very relaxing. I would like to go again - perhaps when we return in two years. Thank you Bishop and Sister Lee for such a wonderful time!

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Jen said...

OK, reading your blog tonight is making me very homesick for LA!!!

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