Friday, June 22, 2012

Done and Through

Last Friday we moved out of our apartment in Hollywood, CA and brought everything up to our home in Lancaster, CA. Even though we gave so many things away we still had quite a lot of stuff we needed. So our son-in-law Dan Chronis got his friend's big trailer and came to Hollywood to help us move. Gratefully everything fit on the trailer and off we went. On our drive up we took a detour to Valencia to stop at Five Guys Hamburgers! They make some of the best hamburgers we've ever eaten. Since Elias and Ramona came too they had requested we make the stop, and since we were all hungry from packing the trailer, etc., we devoured our meal in no time. Then we went back on the road up Hwy 14 to go home with our load.
After we arrived at home we began to unload the trailer, and we placed everything in the living room - all of a sudden our orderly home was a wreck!! It then has taken almost a whole week to find a place for everything, and to get rid of lots of it too. Since we're leaving in two weeks we need to pare down everything we can here at the house.
We are beginning to feel the burden of things left undone and some things will just have to remain that way, there's only so much we can do before we leave for Cyprus.

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