Sunday, August 26, 2012

Another Opportunity to Serve in the Nicosia Branch

As a side note for the weekend. For your information Elder Vargas was announced as the second counselor in the Nicosia Branch Presidency today in Sacrament Meeting. The Nicosia Branch Presidency is: President Andrew Fulton, Paolo Martins, First Counselor and Elder Antonio Vargas, Second Counselor.
(The most prominent building in front in this picture is where the Nicosia Branch meets - it is located on the third floor. The woman walking in the lower part of the picture is myself, holding an umbrella. Here many of the women use umbrellas to shade themselves from the sun, as it is so HOT!)
President Fulton is from the USA and works at the Grohe Company here in Nicosia - it is a European company that designs and produces bathroom fixtures. Paolo Martins is originally from Portugal and works at the UN in Nicosia.
President Fulton's wife, Bekka (short for Rebekka) is an artist and designs cards and other items of interest. You can find her artistry at:
Brother Martins wife, Paula works too, but I do not know the company or location.
Elder Vargas' wife no longer works to make a living, but is serving a full-time mission with her husband on the Island of Cyprus. (Of course, that is ME! Ha!)
Interestingly, Elder Vargas did not need to be set apart for this position, his name only needed to be presented to the congregation for being sustained to the calling.
Another tidbit of information - because in the Greece Athens Mission there are no wards, obviously there are no bishops, however while there are branch presidents and a district president (no stake president) the Mission President, President Freestone acts as a stake president and is the last word in all issues. The district president reports to the mission president, President Freestone.
Also FYI - currently the Primary President is not available on Sunday so Elder Vargas teaches Primary as well. I am the Relief Society Pianist so I do not teach Primary.

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Jen said...

I LOVE it! Exactly as it should be to have him in the Primary and the Branch Presidency with you at the piano. I would expect nothing less...although, I think you might be able to add YWs on top of that. ;)

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