Saturday, August 25, 2012

Baptisms in Larnaka

Today we drove down to Larnaka for two baptisms. A young man named Marvellous (yes, that's really his name - he is from Nigeria), and an eight year old girl named, Rebecca. Both members of the Larnaka Branch. We were invited to come by Elder and Sister Christensen, the senior missionary couple for Larnaka.
The baptisms were performed in two places - the young lady, Rebecca was baptized in the back yard swimming pool of President Ivanov of the the Larnaka Branch.
He and his wife have a home right on the Mediterranean Sea, which is a short walk from their back yard,
so the second baptism was performed in the Mediterranean.
It was interesting to watch Marvellous and the two full-time elders assigned to Larnaka and the two witnesses walking wayyyyyy out into the Mediterranean for the baptism. There were many beach goers who were swimming in the sea who witnessed the proceedings with much enthusiasm. We were fascinated to
view the scene.
Afterward President Ivanov and his wife hosted a fine meal for all who attended, and after we enjoyed the food and fellowship we dismissed ourselves to drive back to Nicosia trying to beat the oncoming darkness. Elder and Sister Smith of Paphos also left early for the same reason - however, they had at least a 1 1/2 - 2 hour drive back home.
We sang, "Teach Me to Walk in the Light" as the opening hymn and then for the closing hymn we sang, "I Am A Child of God". Sister Christensen gave the baptismal address and a brother from the Larnaka Branch who is from Bulgaria gave the address on the Holy Ghost.
Marvellous and Rebecca will both be confirmed tomorrow before Sacrament Meeting in Larnaka. A happy day for all in attendance.

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