Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Rain and Wind in Cyprus

Well, ain't that just dandy? We had been told, "It NEVER rains in Cyprus in August!" Today marks the second time in August - it rained here previously two weeks ago.
We love it! It brought the temperature down to where it is liveable, and the wind blew the heat right out of the city.
Here are some pictures,
I'm not certain how well they will show the storm other than a very gray sky, but seriously, it was a monsoonal rain.
It probably came from Pakistan where the rain has caused so much serious flooding. The wind was so bad here at our apartment complex that it blew over a HUGE ficus tree in an alcove of the building right at our front door.
So below is a picture of the partially downed tree as well. What I neglected to say was an hour after the heavy wind/rain it was back up to 100+ degrees and humid beyond belief! Sun blaring in the sky. That's life in the Mediterranean.

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