Sunday, May 4, 2008

Apron Cookbook Craft - My Design

Open each of the attached files (one at a time!).

Copy and paste them into your word processor (I use Lotus WordPro or Microsoft Works) any good word processor will work.

In your word processor, open a new page and cut and paste each picture onto separate page(s) , making sure the front and back covers are exactly the same size, (the recipe card fits inside the large squares of the front/back covers.)

You will need to cut/past and print-out several copies of the recipe card picture(obviously - to use for your recipes.)

Hand write or "cut/paste" your own recipes onto the recipe card(s), or paste your own recipe cards onto the "recipe card" template provided here.

Print on card stock quality paper (this makes it sturdy). I also laminate my pages and covers, however, if you don't have access to a laminator just be certain you use good quality paper and try not to spill anything on the pages/covers.

Finally, bind the pages and front/back covers together. I use the "Rollabind" system, but if you don't have that - a good hole punching apparatus will work, just make certain the holes are evenly punched-out.

Your completed project should look like the picture located in the "Review" files on the front page, which was entitled "Apron Cookbook".

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