Sunday, May 4, 2008

I've Been Thinking . . .

Well, here I am again. See, I don't like keeping a journal. In fact I quit doing it several years ago when my life went South and I didn't want my children/grand children to ever read what I was thinking at the time. Then I got out of the habit and quit doing it altogether. Now I have to get used to it again. And this is so public. Oh, I'll manage okay.

I've been cruising Facebook checking out the pictures of the Wilshire Ward on the site, "Wilshire Ward". It's interesting to see all the people I've known for so many years. I miss so many of them too.

Had a pretty good day at church. I taught the High Priests how to register with the new.familysearch.org. It went very well and the brethren seemed to have a great time working with the computers. A couple of them had never used a computer either, so it was really new to them.

I also screwed-up the sister who was going to present me as the spot-lighted sister for the Relief Society today. I forgot I was teaching the High Priests Group and couldn't attend Relief Society. Thankfully she wants to do it next Sunday on Mother's Day. Which is fine with me. I used to get embarrassed about things like this, but now I take it all in stride. I am happy to be honored and to share my life with the other sisters.

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The Leyva Family said...

I know what you mean Susan. I have never been one to want others to know exactly what I was thinking at the time. I am trying to get used to updating and doing things to help keep us all together.

It sounds like you had fun teaching the High Priests. I am sure that they appreciated it.

I wish we were there next weekend to hear your spotlight but also to spend the day together. We Miss You! We Love You too!

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