Saturday, May 17, 2008

Miguel's Car Accident

Miguel called me on Tuesday morning of this week to say he'd been rear-ended by a driver while on the 101 Fwy. He had a lot of rear-end damage and was having trouble with his head/neck already. He stayed home the rest of the day instead of going to work. Next day he got a rental car and put his car in the shop. Friday he called to say his head/neck and legs are really bothering him, I advised him to see the doc - he said he had no time because of what he was doing at work - a huge deadline. His car sustained more than $4300.00 damage, so you know he took a pretty hard hit. The trunk lid had to be replaced, the bumper and lots of other necessary stuff. He has an Altima, so you know it would be expensive to repair it. However, I am most worried about his health. I know how serious back/neck/leg injuries are, maybe right now he can endure it, but later on he will have far worse symptoms. Car accidents are not to be taken lightly, even if there is no blood/flesh damage.

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