Friday, May 30, 2008

Now I Understand. . .

Here are Three of my Favorite People I can't wait to see again. Grandma Lindgren, Dad and his second wife, Louise.

In this life we are literally trying to find our way HOME! Home to Heavenly Father. In my Patriarchal blessing I was told that I was given all the gifts I needed before I came to Earth to get back to Father in Heaven. Well, I've been using them - all. I've tried to use my time, talents and energy with which I have been blessed to do just that, to find my way home. Now that I'm nearing the downward spiral of Earthly years I realize just how it all worked. I also know now that I wasn't as successful sometimes as I should have been or wanted to be. Life has been difficult sometimes, but that isn't what really matters. What really matters is that I have remained faithful and have learned all I could regarding the Gospel and it's attendant ordinances. This will serve me well when I do leave here to go home. This reflection has given me much comfort. I know now that I couldn't be perfect while here, and that I will get the opportunity to become perfect in the next life. But I really believe I did my best; yes, I made lots of mistakes, but I have learned from them. I have a testimony of the reason for our existense in this life now, and for that I am so grateful.

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