Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Working on Genealogy

Well, here I am for a few minutes before I have to do something else. I am getting out my old, and I mean old - photos and creating albums with them. Hopefully I may have them finished in a few months. They are of my Kirkpatrick ancestors and I don't want to lose the pictures, but it's very hard work. But, onward and upward. I had to have another adjustment yesterday, today I had my massage. I feel better but my left back is bothering me again. I'm sure it's the weather. I have to win this battle! I want to go on the trek with Tony and the kids from the LA Stake. I'm adding a picture to this note to see what I'm working with, even some are tintypes. Very interesting.

James Francis "Frank" and Frances "Fannie" Ligon Kirkpatrick and Family - Early 1900's

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