Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Daily Grind

Hey! The Daily Grind, that's what I ought to name a newsletter! Ha! Well, today that's what I feel like - that I'm in the daily grind. I spent some time trying to rally my old high school companions today. They are apparently so embarrassed at how they look they won't post any photos. Argghh. . . ! We are what we are. We received our new Disneyland Annual Passes in the mail today. I can't wait to go! We haven't been for quite awhile and I miss it. I've been talking to Mona about selling off all our stuff outa' the big house to get ready to downsize. She's going to come down when Dan is on his scouting trip to help me take inventory and make lists of stuff I wanna' sell on E-Bay, etc. I also have to research burial information for Lancaster. We need to buy our spots and pay a pre-need plan so the kids don't have to do anything but show up at our funerals. It's too hard for kids to go through all that when their parents die.

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