Monday, May 5, 2008

I'm so tired of always having to worry about money! Always the bills coming in and the money going out. I want to gain complete control over our money and never listen to the Gods of Greed again!

It's so difficult to live with so much stress over money all the time. We're about ready to retire and I can hardly wait! Keeping up this big house has become such a burden. I used to look at it as a wonderful investment, now it's just weighing us down. We need to sell and move into a little apartment until we decide where to retire, and leave this "woman killer" for good and all. Even when we sell our home we are not leaving Los Angeles until Tony completes his calling and the Lord says he wants someone else to fill his shoes. He loves his calling so much that he cannot bear the thought of being released just to move. We will just find a small place to live until we are finished here and then move on, probably to Lancaster, CA where Mona and the kids are. It's so expensive to live in L.A. now.

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